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Agile doesn’t work

Chances are that you heard any of these claims or similar at some point of your career especially if you work in IT and Software Development:– “We used Agile in a previous project and it wasn’t good“– “I have worked in Agile before and it didn’t work“– “Agile doesn’t work for us“– “Agile doesn’t work“ […]

Does Agile work? And who should answer the question?

Before revealing the answer to these million dollar questions, in this article I will try to clean up some misconceptions and cover some basis on the role of an Agile coach (Scrum Master). As explained by Lyssa Adkins (co-author of the Agile coaching competency framework) there is no hierarchy or substantial difference between Agile coach […]

It is software eating the world?

What is the world’s largest taxi company? UBER and it owns no vehicles. What is the world’s most popular media company? Facebook and it doesn’t create any content. What about the most valuable retailer? Ali Baba, the Chinese e-commerce giant which has no inventory. Similarly Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodations provider which owns no real estate. […]