Shu Ha Ri is a Japanese concept that describe different levels of mastery.

In the Shu state you know all the rules and the forms. You repeat them till your mind and body fully absorb them. Deviations are usually errors that can lead to dysfunctions but if corrected soon can lead to learning and improvement.

In the Ha state, you master the rules and forms, you are fully comfortable in performing all practices and movements and pushing them to the limit without hesitation. Deviations are experiments that can lead to innovations.

In the Ri state you are able to discard the forms, you’ve truly mastered the practice and you are able to be creative in an unhindered way, because the knowledge of the meaning of the art is deeply embedded in you. With all the learning internalised decisions are made unconsciously. Each of your movements and actions expresses the art essence.

Whether you are practicing Aikido, Tango, Scrum or any other Art, your body and mind get aligned through constant exercise and improvement.

If you practice bad habits, movements or postures you will master bad habits, movements or postures. If you practice the good habits, movements or postures you will master good habits, movements or postures. There is no way that executing repeatedly an exercise in the wrong way you will master it in the correct form.