This year I had the opportunity, thanks to my company, to participate in a great and important event that I’m going to speak about Techies4TempleStreet.


Let’s start from the beginning. Temple Street is an Ireland’s National Children’s Hospital and provides loving care to over 145,000 patients each year from all over Ireland. These patients and their families rely on Temple Street to provide the best care in the best possible environment.

Techies4TempleStreet is an event organized to support the children and parents of Temple Street Children’s University Hospital by funding the redevelopment of hospital facilities, purchasing life-saving equipment, financing research and by creating a caring environment. 

Techies4TempleStreet is a unique charity event bringing together the technology community and its partners to network and compete in an intellectually challenging treasure trail while making an impact to the lives of the brave heroes of Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Since the event began in 2015, Techies4TempleStreet has raised over €400,000 for the hospital and these funds have made a huge difference in the lives of patients and their families. 

This year (2017) I had the privilege to participate in the 3rd edition of this amazing event.

Teams faced with questions, clues and activities all around Dublin looking for spots and achievements to unlock. The campaign is particularly focused on the participation of the entire Technology Community, from large and small, indigenous companies to multinationals and their teams who competed in the treasure trail where strategy and team work were the key to success.

It was a great, marvellous experience!

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… and of course don’t forget to visit the templestreet donation page.

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