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Is your team doing Scrum?

There many tools and checklists to verify wether your team is doing Scrum and how good (or or bad or ugly) is implementing it. If you are a Scrum Master, self-assessing the following statements from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) can help you to make a reality check and compare results with your […]

Spikes 102

In my previous article “Spike 101” I introduced the concept of Spike and it’s general use in Agile. In that article we saw that: Spikes are investigation activities -e.g: research, design, investigation, exploration, prototyping- to gain the knowledge to solve a problem.  As Scrum doesn’t prescribe any particular type for Backlog Items, it is up […]

Spikes 101

Scrum is often described as a very prescriptive framework despite this is not the case. Take for example the various type of backlog items that we are used to deal with in our favourite backlog visualisation tool. Some work with Epics and User Stories only, others use a mix of Stories and Tasks, others add […]

Update yourself

A manifesto for Scrum adoption in your life. Assuming you already heard about Agile, Scrum, Sprints and Retrospectives. As in any scrum team, the iterative and incremental process culminate in a retrospective, where members receive and elaborate feedback, taking actions to inspect and correct behaviours, remove obstacles, fix issues. If we are in an Agile […]